Evolving yet remaining faithful to a lifestyle. For over three decades pomd’or has bet for its attention to details, the quality of its materials and its meticulous manufacturing process based on the essence of its products. The mastery of the craft and the stability of long-lasting and unequivocal values have been a critical part of its vision to go beyond the classic design and make pomd’or a legendary brand that moves forward without losing sight of its hallmark of authenticity and elegance.

Its self-demanding spirit enables it to be present in over sixty countries and a reference point in the domestic and international market, offering freshly intimate and personal experiences in bathroom spaces through wall mounted accessories, free standing accessories and furniture.

Pomd’or compromises to continue fascinating with its attention to detail; inviting wellbeing to be savoured, enjoying the pleasure of touch and delighting with the most refined beauty in an atmosphere where the melody of the ambience reach every corner.